MonsterKong Marketing helps YouTubers Grow Fast!

We Do;

- SEO on each video,

- Professional Thumbnail Design,

- YouTube Views 5k / 10k per video,

- YouTube Subscriber Growth 5k / 30k per month,

- YouTube 24/7 Live Streaming.


We do "Search Engine Optimisation" (SEO) on YouTube Videos which help them rank not only on YouTube, but Google also. 

We optimise the videos with Titles, Thumbnails, Descriptions and Seo.

 The way we do it helps your YouTube Channel be found for "Cost Per Click" (CPC) keywords, which businesses pay thousands of dollars on ads to be on top.

We can do this with your videos which will always rank due to Google and YouTube being a search engine. 

YouTube Subscribers

We run competitions on social media which invite people to subscribe to YouTube Channels. 

We can bring in thousands of subscribers monthly. 

The subscribers that we bring in are 100% real and have a very low drop off rate (as they are real people, we have no control over unsubscribes). 

We have grown many YouTube Channels to hundreds of thousands subscribers, reach out to us for proof of work.

24/7 YouTube Live Streaming

What we do is set your YouTube Channel Live with selected videos that you have already on your channel or even a playlist that you have.
It’s set live, run 24/7 365 days a year. 

It never goes down unless we need to upgrade our servers. It works extremely well to convert your existing subscribers through the live chat into leads and sales. 

Every subscriber will show your live stream on their homepage everyday. We also work on the SEO and thumbnail so that new people will find your channel and subscribe. From what we do, your channel roughly brings in 1/2k new subs every month 100%

Get Listed & Advertise on our MonsterKong YouTube Channel with
1 Million Subscribers

Option 1

€100 p/m

  • 24/7 Live Stream: Get listed on our Stream that will show your video 24/7 to our 1 Million Subscribers along with new viewers daily.

Option 2

€500 p/m

  • 24/7 Live Stream: Get listed on our Stream that will show your video 24/7 to our 1 Million Subscribers along with new viewers daily.
  • Growth: We Link back to your YouTube Channel which will grow your own Channel by 1,000+ Subscribers Per Month.

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