Bulk Instagram Direct Message
1: Client PROFILE or Client POST URL 
2: Target Profiles or your Own (we will scrape users from them)
3: DM text (Keep text to one paragraph and NO LINKS, Only @USERNAMES)
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
Expiry Year:


How It Works?

Select your own or a competitors audience you want our accounts to target.

Our "Burner" accounts will do all the automated actions so your account stays safe.

Watch the Followers, Engagements and Clicks to your Bio Link come in.

Is this safe?

100% Yes! 100% compliant with Instagram's policies since your main account never does any of the automation.

Do you need my password?

No. We will not require your password to Direct Message using our Dm Method. We use other Instagram accounts to spread the message about your account to keep your account safe. We have never had a single issue with any client's account.

How does this work?

From our "Burner! Instagram accounts (separate from yours) we send out direct messages on your behalf. Through Direct messaging campaigns we promote your account to a new audience who may have never found your page.

What is the message you send on my behalf?

Sweet and short messages about who you are and what value you bring work the best. We will work directly with you on messaging but the main point to consider is users do not like to read books in their DM. We must craft a very short message with keywords that will entice followers to check out your page!

Who are you sending the message to?

Our system will send messages to the followers of your Instagram Profile or specific accounts that you suggest.


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