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Brands Grow and scale

The problem we solve

It is extremely difficult for businesses to focus on the growth of their business when they spend so much time on the building aspects of it.

Our mission

To create the best-built campaigns for brands to grow and sales, connecting businesses with their target audience on the best platforms

Our Values

Vision, mission and principles

We give 110% and to do whatever it takes to take action on our clients vision.

Personalized Attention

We provide open and consistent communication to solve any problems that may arise, fast.

Expert Knowledge

With over 20+ years experience, our team are up to date with all the latest updates and platforms.

Proactive Problem Solving

Fast problem solving is why we are the best at what we do. By solving problems fast we can progress at a more efficient rate.

Laser Eye 
Long Term Focus

Focusing on our key mission and building strong relationships helps get us the maximum performance.

We make a difference in your business by

Making it simple

By learning everything about your business

That Let's You Know That We Understand Your Vision

And creating the perfect Ecosystem around it

To Make The Future Into Reality

Ready to ignite your marketing strategy?

Making profitable decisions for business growth and sales

A word
from our founders

Daniel Mac Sweeney

With over 10 years experience in the online world, I have worked for one of the most prestigious SEO businesses in Melbourne Australia ICU2, developed an App for the running community, created an online store selling onesie's and have built an ever growing community of like minded entrepreneurs on Facebook where I share my knowledge and expertise on a daily basis. 
During the better part of 2018 I have developed my skills in marketing, especially Facebook ads focusing essentially on growth and sales for businesses and my own community. Having learned from the leading marketers in their space, taking tons of courses and testing with trial and error, I have become an expert myself. 

At the start of 2020, my business partner & I got together and created the MONSTER which is, MonsterKong Marketing. 

We are marketing agency with a difference, In which we aim to be the very best at growing and scaling our clients reach through social media by building the very best campaigns for business growth and sales, connecting businesses with their audience on all platforms.
Personally, I have worked with the likes Ben Oberg of Millionaire Mafia, Mikkel Thorup of Expat Money Show, I know what it takes to target the right audience and turn them into paying customers.

Get in touch today and let's have a conversation on how we can help you grow and scale you business.

Alexander James Janson

A Master In Sales, Online and Digital Marketing Mr Alex James Janson has helped to take and scale many businesses allowing them to elevate to the top of their industries along with helping them dominate and stay on top as well.

An Absolute expert when it comes to growth and expansion of your online ventures.
Alex is able to intuitively take an idea you may have and just by looking at it for a brief period of time, be able to convey a message back to you as to whether or not it is something that can be done.

A true wizard when it comes exploding online A Genius when it comes to increasing revenue and productivity of your Business along with a genuine want to see you make it.

He is with the highest level of excellence able to work with your vision and help you to maneuver into position, get onto the launch pad and rocket to the Moon 🌝 

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